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Who Let the Ghosts Out? - R.L. Stine

This intriguing book by R.L Stine about a boy named Max Doyle who ends up being haunted by two friendly ghosts. It starts when the two ghosts named Nicky and Tara walk home not knowing where they are. When they arrive home they are confused when they see someone else's last name on their mail box. They later realize that no one can hear them, except for one boy Max Doyal  

        The three end up going on adventures, getting into trouble and somehow getting out of it okay. All is okay until an evil and powerful ghost named Phears comes asking Max where "they"are. Not knowing that he is talking about Nicky and Tara Max is left clueless who he is or what he wants. Max, Nicky, and Tara have no idea what they have gotten into or what they will have to face together to save Nicky and Tara.